Vivax-channel air conditioner ACP-48DT140AERI with nominal cooling capacity of 14.07 kW and a nominal heating capacity of 16,41kW is recommended as a solution for air conditioning large commercial and residential spaces. Although it has a large capacity, the energy class A++ for cooling and A+ for heating will enable very convenient cooling and heating. The ecological gas of R410A will allow environment protection according to all standards of the European Union. In addition to energy saving and environmental protection, its quiet performance will enable an undisturbed stay in the room. Use the Turbo mode to quickly reach the desired temperature and the sleep mode when you want extraordinary quiet performance. The active carbon filter and dust filter on the indoor unit will allow clean air in the space while the compressor and condenser heater allow smooth operation in extreme winter conditions with a high capacity even at -15 °C. Install also an additional wired controller that comes in the package as well as the drain pump for smooth operation. A high air flow of 2200 m³ / h will allow a rapid response to your needs. Also, the air conditioner has the possibility of a fresh air supply outside the space.

Külmutusagensi tüüp:R410A
Funktsionaalsus:Turbo režiim, automaatrežiim, automaatne taaskäivitus, puhkerežiim, taimer
Müra (siseseade):50
Kütte arvestuslik koormus:12,2
Helivõimsuse tase (siseseade:68
Helivõimsuse tase (välisseade:72
Teised omadused
Niiskuse eemaldamise võimsus:4,8
Müra (välisseade):65
Kütte tööpiirkond:-15°C≤T≤50°C
Energia ja tarbimine
Nominaalne jahutusvõimsus:14,07
Kütteenergia klass:A+
EER koefitsient:0
COP koefitsient:0
Jahutus nominaalne sisendvõimsus:5010
Kütte nominaalne sisendvõimsus:4255
SEER koefitsient:6,1
SCOP koefitsient:4