VIVAX floor-standing air conditioner is very popular due to its unique characteristics of air exhaust in heating mode and from below. According to the laws of physics, warm air always rises in space towards the top of the room. Therefore, precisely because of this function, this device is best used in cases where heating is as important or more important as cooling the room. The capacity of nominal 3.52kW in cooling and 3.81kW in heating gives it the possibility of installation in most spaces that require today’s needs of the average family while energy class A ++ in cooling and A + in heating allow very low electricity consumption. Active carbon filter and dust filter provide clean air and compressor and condenser heaters high efficiency in the heating period which is possible up to -20 ° C.

Basic characteristics
Refrigerant type:R410A
Functionality:Turbo mode, auto mode, auto restart
Noise (indoor unit):47
Design load for heating:3,6
Sound power level (indoor unit:58
Sound power level (outdoor uni:60
Other features
Other:LED ekran
Dehumidifying capacity:1,2
Noise (outdoor unit):57
Heating operating range:-15°C≤T≤50°C
Energy and Consumption
Nominal cooling capacity:3,52
nominal heating capacity:3,81
Energy Heating Class:A+
EER coefficient:0
COP coefficient:0
Nominal cooling input power:1030
Nominal heating input power:1000
Energy Cooling Class:A++
SEER coefficient:6,1
SCOP coefficient:4