The R design series represents the best value for money in the entire air conditioning market. Special 3D inverter technology enables significant energy savings, quiet operation and long-lasting quality. The indoor unit has a bio filter and ionizer which makes it extremely suitable for people sensitive to air pollution while the outdoor one has compressor and condenser heaters making it extremely efficient in heating mode. All in energy class A ++ in cooling and A + in heating. If you want to control your air conditioner at all times, a WiFi module is available in the package, with which you can expand the functions of this device. In addition to turning on and off via the mobile app, set a timer, find out in which mode it works and diagnose a potential malfunction.

Basic characteristics
Functionalities:1W Stand by, 24h Timer, Auto swing
Open – UJ:37
Estimated load during the game:2.5
Volume at standard in:54
Volume at standard in:59
Max. pipe length:5
Max. height difference:10
Pre-filled pipe length:5
Device type:Inverter
Dimensions and weight
Outdoor unit bracket distance:487
Net dimensions – width:722
Net dimensions – height:290
Net dimensions – depth:187
Net weight:34.6
Other features
Air flow:416
Dehumidification capacity:1
Open – VJ:55.5
Area of ​​operation in heating mode:-20≤T≤30
Energy and consumption
Nominal cooling capacity:2.64
Nominal heating capacity:2.93
Heating energy class:A+
EER coefficient:0
COP coefficient:0
Nominal cooling input power:703
Nominal heating input power:731
Cooling energy class:A++
SEER coefficient:7.1
SCOP coefficient:4
Cooling mode range:-15≤T≤50
Minimum cooling capacity:1.026
Maximum cooling capacity:3.195
Minimum heating capacity:0.88
Maximum heating capacity:3.663
Device color:White, red, gold, silver
Liquid phase pipe diameter:1/4
Gas phase pipe diameter:3/8