VIVAX Y Design air conditioning heats and cools in extreme conditions with 100% capacity at -15 degrees Celsius. It has a motion detector that programs the air exhaust according to the number and wishes of the user in the room. The device can be controlled via a smartphone, no matter where they are located. Additional condenser and compressor heaters enable more efficient operation in heating mode and prevent the outdoor unit from freezing. Anti-corrosion protection protects the device from adverse weather conditions and prolongs its service life. After the air conditioning is turned off, the indoor unit continues to operate to dry and clean the remaining condensate protecting your health.

Basic characteristics
Functionalities:1W Stand by, 24h Timer, Auto swing, Automatic mode
Open – UJ:30
Estimated load during the game:2.4
Volume at standard in:58
Volume at standard in:59
Max. pipe length:25
Max. height difference:10
Pre-filled pipe length:5
Refrigerant refill:12
Device type:Inverter, Wall mono split unit
Dimensions and weight
Outdoor unit bracket distance:514
Net dimensions – width:895
Net dimensions – height:298
Net dimensions – depth:248
Net weight:49.4
Other features
Air flow:545
Dehumidification capacity:1
Open – VJ:58
Area of ​​operation in heating mode:-32≤T≤30
Warranty period:36
Estimated load at the tank:2.4
Energy and consumption
Nominal cooling capacity:2.64
Nominal heating capacity:4.102
Heating energy class:A+++
EER coefficient:0
COP coefficient:0
Nominal cooling input power:483
Nominal heating input power:834
Cooling energy class:A+++
SEER coefficient:9.2
SCOP coefficient:5.3
Cooling mode range:-32≤T≤50
Minimum cooling capacity:0.999
Maximum cooling capacity:4.158
Minimum heating capacity:0.753
Maximum heating capacity:6.999
Device color:White
Liquid phase pipe diameter:1/4
Gas phase pipe diameter:3/8