AIR HEAT PUMP grey mirror/gold

VIVAX V Design air conditioning with different LED lighting shows which mode it is in, glowing blue in cooling mode and red in heating mode. The bio filter retains about 95% of the bacteria, while 99% of the dust particles remain trapped in it for effective sterilization. Double filtration technology thoroughly filters and removes harmful substances and decomposes harmful gases, ensuring clean and healthy air. It has 12 speeds and 3D airflow, with which the air outlet automatically moves horizontally and vertically, thus directing the airflow to fill every corner of the room.

Basic characteristics

Functionalities:Ionizer, Turbo mode
Noise – UJ:36
Estimated load during the game:2.7
Volume at standard in:37.5
Volume at standard in:63
Max. pipe length:25
Max. height difference:10
Pre-filled pipe length:5
Refrigerant refill:12
Device type:Inverter
Dimensions and weight
Outdoor unit bracket distance:487
Net dimensions – width:897
Net dimensions – height:312
Net dimensions – depth:182
Net weight:36.6
Other features
Air flow:530
Dehumidification capacity:1.2
Noise – VJ:54
Area of ​​operation in heating mode:-20≤T≤30
Energy and consumption
Nominal cooling capacity:3.52
Nominal heating capacity:3.81
Heating energy class:A+
EER coefficient:0
COP coefficient:0
Nominal cooling input power:1208
Nominal heating input power:1340
Cooling energy class:A++
SEER coefficient:6.7
SCOP coefficient:4.1
Cooling mode range:-15≤T≤50
Minimum cooling capacity:0.406
Maximum cooling capacity:4.443
Minimum heating capacity:0.36
Maximum heating capacity:4.357
Liquid phase pipe diameter:1/4
Gas phase pipe diameter:3/8